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The 6 to 7 Figures Show

Oct 11, 2015

You can scale your business by becoming a non-fiction author.

Ready to get published
Scale yourself by becoming a non-fiction author

There are 3 things we discuss about becoming a non-fiction author:

  1. The answer to the question "what should I write about?"
  2. How to monetize your book
  3. How to launch your book

The answer to the question: "What should I write about?"

There are 3 things you should think about:

  1. Find something you have a personal connection or story about. Don't just pick a "popular topic." Chandler Bolt is a perfect example. His first book, The Productive Person, wasn't his expertise. But in writing the book, he had a personal story to tell about productivity.
  2. What will you sell with the book? You won't become rich by selling the book. Make sure there's congruence between the story you want to tell and the thing you want to sell.
  3. Come up with 3 speech ideas about the book. Are you excited about them? Motivated by them?

How can I finish my book?

One answer: get help.

There are 2 ways to get help: a coach or a course.

2 book coaches I recommend: Ann Shebayni and Clementina Esposito

If you want a self-directed course, I recommend Chandler Bolt's Self Publishing School. (yes, that's an affiliate link, but I know Chandler personally, wouldn't recommend him unless I was completely convinced he's the best man for the job. And it doesn't cost you a penny to click on that link.)

How to monetize your book

Add an audiobook link in the front of the book to capture e-mail addresses. Create video content you give away for free to readers.

Make sure you have a solid funnel that turns readers into buyers.

How to launch your book

3 things you need:

  1. A launch team
  2. Bonuses
  3. JV partners

Your launch team is a group of 25 - 50 people who are dedicated to helping you spread the message about your book. You need to give them explicit instructions, write copy for them to share, and communicate with them in a number of ways.

Bonuses are time-sensitive offerings for buyers of your books. These are different than your "in-book" bonuses. These bonuses will expire. It could be a course, additional training, a call with you, etc.

JV partners are critical to your success in a launch. They send out emails to their audiences suggesting people get a free copy of your e-book. From there, those prospects go through your funnel and the JV partner gets a percentage (usually 50%) of what you generate.