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The 6 to 7 Figures Show

Aug 29, 2015

How do you build your authority?

Build Your Authority
Build authority with a system and platform

You need an authority platform and a system.

Your Platform

An authority platform can be:

  1. Book
  2. Podcast
  3. Speeches
  4. Webinars

There are other platforms, but these are the major ones.

Building a book is a great way to create authority, but you probably need assistance to make it a success. You may use a coach or mentor or just buy a training course, but you need help. It should probably be the first thing you work on.

Resources listed: Ann Sheybani's Build Your Book Bootcamp

A podcast is easier to create, but you need to be careful. A standard "interview-based" podcast format may not build your authority unless you design the interview style in a way that's consistent with your "system." A topic-based podcast can create your authority. Think about how you're establishing your authority through your podcast.

Also, podcast could be other broadcast medium like video podcasts, Periscope broadcasts, etc.

Resources listed: John Lee Dumas' Free Podcast Course

Speeches are awesome, but take some time to get great at. You could speak for fees or for free. If you speak for free, you may "sell from the stage" where you have a product in mind or you may have to be more subtle. In either case, you need to have to a call-to-action that encourages the audience to engage with you.

Resources listed: Michael Port's Heroic Public Speaking

Webinars should be a part of your portfolio if you sell something over $1000 (and, by the way, you should be). You should use webinars to tell a story and position yourself as an authority. Then, you follow up with a call-to-action of some kind.

Your System

You need to create a system to become an authority. You might have steps that achieve your one big result or you have might phases or categories instead. But either way, you need 3 - 5 major categories of your system. Inside those blocks, you break down the steps into sub-steps.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Don't fool yourself in thinking you don't have a system - or that your system is so obvious that it's not worth making a system out of.
  2. "Don't boil the ocean!" Don't make your system so complicated that it's intimidating. Find 1 big problem to solve - and stop there.

You may need to get some help to figure out what that system is. Write it down. Make it your intellectual property.