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The 6 to 7 Figures Show

Aug 17, 2015

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns drive short- and long-term action from your list.

Email campaigns drive short- and long-term action from your list.

The email campaigns we’re talking about today are those that encourage your audience to take action. The old style “newsletters” just aren’t effective anymore. It’s time to move to an action-based campaign.

And we’ve already designed the action we want last week in Episode 003, when we defined our lead magnet in such a way that we were anticipating this campaign.

There are two kinds of email campaigns:

  1. Short Term Action Campaigns (STACs)
  2. Care and Feeding Campaigns

A Short Term Action Campaign is 1 to 2 weeks long and tries to get your audience to take action in that brief period. A Care and Feeding Campaign is intended to continue building relationships with your audience over time.

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Short Term Action Campaigns

The best STACs are build on a story-line taking your audience segments into consideration. Remember audience segments from Episode 001. They are Loiterer, Looker, Shopper, and Buyer. The story line you should provide should have 4 basic messages corresponding to the audience segments, although they may need to be broken up into parts. The emails will all have hooks connecting to the next.

  1. Email #1: introduce the pain point and explain that you will tell a story of someone who looks like you’re audience.
  2. Email #2: start the story and build to crescendo – drama. Leave the reader hanging, but promise resolution in the next email.
  3. Email #3: finish the story and outline the solution having the components of your product or service. Promise the reader you’ll explain how they can get these results for them next.
  4. Email #4: explain you have a system and describe the process for buying (phone call, credit card, application, contract, etc.)

Care and Feeding Campaigns

Care and Feeding Campaigns are built on the idea that each audience member has a slightly different need. The calls-to-action you use – 4 specific ones – are related to the audience segment.

  1. Buyers need a “Buy Now” call-to-action
  2. Shoppers need a “Fix It” call-to-action
  3. Lookers need a “Better Life” call-to-action
  4. Loiterers need a “Learn More” call-to-action

First, you’ll need to tag each prospect by seeing which call-to-action they respond to. Start at the top with Buyers in order to not allow audience members to “de-migrate” back to earlier stages.

Send the same content with different calls-to-action in order to encourage your audience to jump back into buying again. Make sure to purge those who never respond after a reasonable period of time (3 – 6 months).